Carp Fishing in France on our 3 Acre Lake

With my passion and love for Carp fishing, I have always dreamed of owning a Carp fishery, and with that goal achieved, it's now time to share these wonderful lakes with you....

Come and enjoy Carp Fishing at its best on this superb 3 acre lake set in 20 acres of French countryside near Chalus in the Limousin.

Compton's Lake is stocked with approximately 100 carp, currently to over 40lb and growing. As we are more into breeding carp now, the lake is only open for bookings for 8 weeks each year, 2 weeks in May, June, September and October, with a weeks gap between each booking. As you can imagine, the carp are in pristine condition, as they rarely see a hook.

These are young carp with the lake being restocked in December 2022, and we have already seen some impressive weight gains in 2023, so we are sure there will be some surprises in 2024 and beyond! During 2023, the average amount carp caught per angler over a week was fifteen to twenty, with some weeks seeing anglers catching over twenty five carp.

Due to changes in flight schedules between UK airports and Limoges airport, we now offer the choice to book your holiday to start and finish on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, for 7, 8 or 9 nights (subject to availability).

We offer a food package which consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner/pudding, starting with your evening meal on your first day and ending with breakfast on your final day.

We offer Tackle Hire and have a Bait Boat for hire if required.

We sell a range of baits on site, including boilies, pellet and maize.

Compton's Lake can be booked Exclusively for up to 3 anglers. Depths range from 2 feet to 14 feet, with the average depth of water ranging around 6 to 10 feet.

Other species include Tench and the usual Roach/Rudd & Perch to balance the eco system of the lake.

See our 'Pricing & Availability' page for further details.

Owners Mark & Leanne Compton
Owners Mark & Leanne Compton

Mark & Leanne Compton

Owners of Compton's Lakes

Jim Smith Part-time Bailiff
Jim Smith Part-time Bailiff

Jim Smith

Part-time Bailiff

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Compton's Lakes Logo